Thanks to a twenty-year experience in design and production of components through various processing technologies, STEMAR is able to analyze any vehicle component and to find out fixed and variable costs for the production.

A discussion with the customer about some fundamental aspects of the production (for example geographic area, piece quantity and mark up to use) can certainly optimize cost analysis work, but it will be also possible without this kind of information exchange.

Fundamental basis for a detailed and exhaustive analysis are a mathematical model and a drawing of each single component, from which we can acquire information used to create, thanks to specific tools, the requested analysis.

The used tools have been created from STEMAR; each tool has been designed for each specific employed technology through the use of databases, which are the result of an important work experience of STEMAR. For this reason it is possible to analyze in detail not only each single component, but also the necessary tools used for its production: moulds and gauges, soldering and glue stations, assembly desks and lines. This makes the customer analysis extremely reliable and efficient.

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