This activity will allow you to your company to plan production costs of a new vehicle in advance and with precision.

Starting from the style created for the vehicle and the relating guide lines, STEMAR will create a chart containing the description of technical and physical features of each component to purchase. Cost valuations will be generated from STEMAR thanks to the ability of choosing the most appropriate technology to use, the correct material and the level of surface finish. The created cost data will be elaborated with computer tools, developed from STEMAR, which will generate valuations both for the cost of each single component (variable costs) and for the investment cost (tools and machineries for creation, assembly and treatment).

When the proposal will be accepted, STEMAR will create an additional chart containing target costs, which will help the purchasing department with the orders of the various components. Our support to the purchasing department will be constant in each negotiation phase with suppliers and it will principally regard the most appropriate cost definition of each single element (both on variable costs and on investment costs) evaluated in relation to the production plant, the necessary piece quantity and other additional variables which will be considered for each single part of cost.

In case of ODM, STEMAR will evaluate the economic impact through the analysis sharing also with the supplier and searching, if possible, alternative solutions which can reduce in minimal way cost variations.

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