The comparison between components or vehicles of the same segment, with similar costs and technical contents, creates the appropriate basis for a research of solutions for reducing production costs, generates a reference status useful for new proposals and permits to individuate new reference suppliers.

In particular STEMAR develops benchmarking activity through the following steps:

  • acquisition and disassembly of components to compare and to analyze;
  • classification and identification of the various components and inclusion in macrogroups;
  • classification of technical and physical features of the components;
  • individuation of the appropriate market;
  • economic evaluation of the variable (cost of the single provided part) or of the vehicle;
  • economic evaluation of investments (tools and machineries for component production and assembly);
  • creation of prospects and cost comparison graphs (both single elements and macrogroups) and concerning presentation in Powerpoint format;
  • presentation of proposals related to technical and stylistic solutions which can decrease costs (both variable and investment costs), but they can maintain or increase the starting quality standard.

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